James M. Sullivan

For over 45 years, business owners and individuals have trusted the Law Office of James M. Sullivan, Inc., in Los Gatos, CA, for business, tax and estate planning services. The main reason is that Attorney James M. Sullivan has earned his excellent reputation for experience and extensive knowledge of California tax and business laws.

Law Office of James M. Sullivan, Inc.

The last thing you want is trouble with state or federal tax agents. Our law firm helps people run their businesses and personal finances in compliance with all applicable IRS and California Business Law regulations. Estate Planning is another method for business owners and individuals to cut taxes and preserve assets. The key to success in these areas of law is experience and attention to detail. This is what our law firm excels in, and our clients have enjoyed the positive results of working with our experienced business attorney, James M. Sullivan.

Attorney James M. Sullivan

What may seem to be confusing to you about business and tax laws is routine business for Attorney James M. Sullivan. Licensed to practice law in California since 1970, James has experienced 45 years of changes to tax laws and business regulations. His main areas of law practice focus on Tax, Business Law and Estate Planning.

A graduate of Santa Clara University School of Law, James understands how these related areas of law affect all businesses, including start-ups. He also knows how mistakes in one area can be expensive and lead to higher costs that can upset your business goals and profitability. Attorney James M. Sullivan can help guide you past the common pitfalls and problems faced by all individuals and business owners in California.

To discuss your concerns about legal matters, contact the Law Office of James M. Sullivan, Inc., in Los Gatos, CA. Call us now, at (408) 395-3837.

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