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Los Gatos Corporate Law Attorney

The corporate world is surrounded by legal issues that corporations have to wade through in order to stay above board in their work. Business owners need to have skilled legal counsel not only to work through actual lawsuits and contracts, but also to identify issues that may arise before the hit. From compliance to contracts, the number of corporate law concerns the modern business can face is quite extensive. James M. Sullivan, Inc., offers the skills of a California corporate attorney to businesses Los Gatos and the surrounding communities.
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Los Gatos Estate Planning Attorney

Preserving the assets and property you work so hard to earn can easily be done through Estate Planning. At the Law Office of James M. Sullivan, Inc., we know which documents will work best to accomplish your wishes. It is never too early or too late to create these important documents, nor does size of your estate matter. Everyone deserves to have their wishes known and respected. With proper planning, you can still direct control of your estate if you are incapacitated temporarily or permanently, and after your death.
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Los Gatos Tax Law Attorney

If you are dealing with a tax law issue, an experienced attorney may be able to help you resolve your problem. For example, if you owe money to the IRS or the state, a tax lawyer may be able to help you apply for a payment program or other type of tax relief. If you are facing an audit, a tax lawyer can help you prepare all of the required documentation and deal with the auditor's questions. If you are struggling with a tax lien, levy or garnishment, a tax lawyer may be able to help you eliminate it. Here at James M. Sullivan, Inc., we know how federal and state tax laws work. Contact us today to talk about your tax problem.
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